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Through a tunnel their's always light at the end.
This world has been corrupted and it's people lives has been interrupted cause greed and selfishness invaded their hearts and seized their wills and blinded their sights and rotted their souls to the core
For those who do not like this world The line is crooked From now on, I'm going to empty my head full of troubles Even the people that only cares what the world thinks of them
Life is... but a fleeting thing, a bud of today can be a flower for tomorrow, and it withers away, it can be seen today and tomorrow no more.
What is Life, have you ever thought?It is not just to exist, have you forgot?Is there a greater purpose for us here on earth? Is there more to achieve in this human birth? We humans want to be happy, but why are we sad? We live in ignorance and fe
how I absolutely hate being someone i don’t want to bedoing things and going to places i don’t want to seedon’t get me wrong i want to see everythingi want to see everything and never be hid from the truthbut i don’t want to be in a place i’ve bee
On the journey To search for my happiness I could feel it Very close and warmly Giving all up for your sake Am well pleased! So long you're my happiness When the world go against you
Antonio is his name
Fail Try Again.   Fail Learn Try Again   Fail  Learn  Try Again  
Lately I’ve been feeling lonely and depressed  And maybe it’s bc I’ve had too much rest I can’t seem to fix myself  Maybe I just need to straight 86 myself
Eat dessert or drink sugary coffee but don’t guilt yourself into working off those calories.  Bake the cakes with your loving mom as the sunset spills its colors in the messy kitchen
Come and take it Take it from Me. This is the dare. Oh, so I already know You can’t. The Happiness that comes within. This happiness Belongs to me And Oh,
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