To My Doubts

To My Doubts,

You tear, You bruise, You kick and pull me to the ground.

You say the goals I hold aren't worth a damn.

You yell and scream, "To Hell is where you're bound!"

You warn I can't be more than who I am.


I try to fly, but you won't let me jump.

I strive. You say I'll never be enough.

You swear I'll never grow; I'm just a stump.

I trip and fall. You've made my life so rough.


Now I begin to doubt I'll learn or grow.

I know in me there's nothing to be found.

With time I lose what I already know.

I beat and plow myself into the ground.


Though doubt is strong, there's one to pull me out.

God loves, forgives, reminds what life's about.



Your Conqueror


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