My Definition


My Definition

Us human beings; residents of our minds & slaves of our soul

We choose to see what is only wrong in every journey; what cannot be fixed

Drowning in the pools of tears and giving up at each bump along the way

However, what would happen if what our eyes saw, the good?

For seeing the good, makes everyone Flawless.


The very eyes that came with my soul, have resorted to witnessing the good in life

In order to truly feel happy. 

Maybe that is what sets me apart? Makes me Flawless?

The fact is that a failing Chemistry test, is not the end, only the beginning of realization

While my friends  resort to screams of complaints, I choose to learn from the mistakes, not dwell in them.

And the scars obtained through misplaced hockey sticks and fury of the rival teams, do not make up for all the sweat and time

I brush off my behind, throw my braid back, and fight again, because that is what makes up for the sweat and time. 

And, that is what makes me Flawless.


Everyone is Flawless, in their own ways and strengths.

Yet, what makes me Flawless is not what is upon my face or body.

It is my soul and what it sees that truly defines me: Flawless

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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