My deepest repentance


RIP to all of the people that I killed 

Hurt you with no intention I know the pain  lingers there stillI put the bullet filled with lies and ex lover files /old flames In the revolver In a gun that was already scolding hot And I pulled the trigger and robbed you out of your love You might've chosen to hide it But inside you still care I know that the wounds sometimes still feel tender I'm sorry I apologize I failed to mention That I was still scorned From my past flames I'm sorry I couldn't burn the bridges sooner rather than later   when I did it was a little too late I'm sorry I apologize That I failed to mention That I learned the hard way That while you're too busy Being mistreated by another The one you let go of or ignored could've treated you way betterYou see me and you have a lot in common We both yearned and tossed and turned Thinking about the ones who hurt us But expect this time instead of his face popping up Mine will replace hisAnd tainted messages that showcased the false reality that I implanted in your mind that  filled your head up and pumped your ego up with lies  At this moment I wasn't myselfI was that guy that stayed on Fruitwood That promised that he would take care of me Not degrade me and half ass ignore me Like I'm a baby and he was the unfit mother I'm sorry I apologize That I failed to mention When you thought I really cared for you When I ripped your heart into a million tiny pieces because I was really using you to get over that guy over there I'm sorry I apologize I still care about you Sounds kind of cliche I really want to tell you I never meant to hurt you But at this moment in time you probably don't care anyway I'm sorry I apologize I failed to mention That everything and everybody can't be replaced I'm sorry I apologize That the only thing I can say is I'm sorry I apologize     

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