My Decorations


No filter...
You mean off-kilter?
Where the skin isn't perfectly clear
And the insecurities are not so near?
"An enhanced version of you,"
Reads the imaginary marquee that maybe "you" see, too.
I fall for it.
Because really, it is slightly ridiculous.
I think that it is a beautification
When it is actually a fortification
To the wit that one brings
Or the vintage jazz songs that they sing
The thrill of thrillers that is poured into them
And the intelligence that is a clogged fountain.
I know, I know!
The filters are comforting, they show exactly what I want to show!
Windows may be the eyes to the soul,
However, on certain occasions it could be a dark hole.
I've got to do house cleaning and pick up the scraps
That may've been as obvious and loud as thunder claps.
Inside I need mending but no, you won't see that
I'll hide it with my coffee filter and keep that part black
What about my thoughts? I filter those
It's mostly a good thing until someone steps on my toes
And then I fold within myself
Back, back, back, and even further into my shell.
It's more than pictures that emphasize
It's also words that are metaphorically lobotomized
That make a difference in what we reveal
And what we choose to keep sealed.
Without any coverups, I am these things
I guess I'm quirky, musical, curious, etc.
What I wish I was is not relevant
What I wish I wasn't seems to be more prevalent
Because at some point I will realize that we all have our imperfections
Who am I to be without them? An oddity lacking decorations.

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Our world
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