My Decently Fun Poem

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 22:36 -- Jayykot


People say that they can rhyme anytime,
Although I struggle to believe that to be true.
Rhyming is a lot harder, you see
Although I am sure that you do.

When it comes to college,
That is the tricky question
On what to write and what to say
There is no simple expression.

Especially when it comes to money,
That makes it all the harder
Some people even get all mushy
and speak with great ardor

A scholarship however,
In hopes of college,
Helps many great and not so great people,
Who are in search of great knowledge.

I am one of those people,
Although I am not the first or the last,
I hope that this decently fun poem
Will help me contrast

10,000 dollars,
Are very hard to come by,
And I hope that this chance
Just happens to be mine.

The reason I would tick or tock for this money
Just happens to be struggles,
My parents do not have much money
And my anxiety bubbles.

When it comes to paying for college
I would like to put less strain on my parents,
And selfishly, myself,
Since these problems have been a great deterrence.

But nowhere in my doubt,
Will my will to learn flounder,
And my hope to make my family proud,
And be no debby downer

Of course that was a horrible rhyme,
But they truly wish for me to go to college,
So much that it is even a little hard,
Not to acknowledge.

And so this is my decently fun poem,
Although it was only for the beginning,
And the end is enough
To keep you from grinning

But that is why I tick and why I tock
For these 10,000 dollars,
For my parents, my family, and my hope,
To be one of the great scholars!


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