To my dearest.

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 17:56 -- Saboker

Dear Mom,

    I notice you.

    I notice the wrinkles that grew on your face,

    the back pain when you walk up the stairs,

    and your cracked hands from working night and day

    just to provide for me. 


   I know that you wake up in the morning wishing for just a minute to close your eyes

   but still get up before dawn while I sleep calm and satisfied.

   All this just to see me smile.


  It’s crazy that you never asked for anything in return and even though

  your clothes have worn out you still go to the store

  to buy me something you that I would adore.

  This letter is to say I love you and I’m sorry that I never let you know.

  I am sorry that I grew up so fast and was so eager to leave home.

 You brought me to this world but never left me to wander alone

 despite the fact your mom fled away when you were just 6 years old.


  I remember when I would cry and you would tell me that my tears were worth more than gold

  as you would cry with me over something as ridiculous as getting a B on a test I studied hard for. 


 I remember when we went broke and you would still buy me hairbands that had flowers and bows

 so I wouldn’t feel left out when other girls would show off their new clothes.


  I remember when I was a child and I would get scared at night and would run to you to feel safe and secure

  and I remember when I got sick and you carried for miles to the hospital for a cure.


 I remember how you taught me English when I was a kid

 even though you didn’t know the language.


  I remember how hard you fought so that my education would be just as important as my brother’s,

  so I can be independent when I grew old. 


  O mother, O mother,

  if I ever become half the mother you are,

  my kids would be the luckiest people in the world.

  Thank you for loving me like I was never flawed.

  Thank you God for giving me this woman that taught me what it means to have a selfless soul.

  And I promise to live up to the girl that you raised and loved ever since I was in your womb. 

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Your Daughter, 

Sarah Abobaker.

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My family


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