My dear old friend

My dear old friend, your time on this earth has ended

For me, it was much too soon and I wish I could of arranged it so I was more prepared

But you knew your time was done and let me carry you for the first and last time to my room

I laid you down on my bed, trying my best not to wince at how labored your breathing was

Everything was numb and a blur, nothing mattered except for you and making sure you were alright

I didn't want to believe you were slowly fading away; I still clung onto some child like hope that the disease ravaging your body would disappear and we would be happy again

But it was just a child's hope and just like that, you passed while we all slept

You looked so peaceful and even in death I was fooled to think you were merely sleeping

My heart was and still is aching for you and I wish you were still here with me

The house seems so empty without you barking at the lizards outside and you running up along the docks

But we will be reunited when my time comes and we can be together forever

You can chase all the squirrels and cats you want and I'll try to keep up with you

I'll always love you, my dear old friend Lucky


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