My Computer


With that sickening, gloomy grey that glides across my yellowing eye,

That redness that intoxicates my vision,

Burning everything upon its lonesome path.

Lost forever to the cinders of eternal sleep,

And my fingers, trembling, scrolling on and on,

Yearning for more and more.

Watch me,

watch my tears, as my screen moves on and on,


Watch me leave Earth to places a new,

Where no question as to who you are and why,

Where people are genuine and loved,

Where people can be free to love and hate and cry,

Where there are people like me.

Such fantasy that is better than my own dark world,

Where my demons run freely,

Where I am shamed to nothing but a weak sliver of nothing,


Tossed around and shook,

Filled with filth and death,

To peek from the window of hope,

To peek upon the light of the daunting screen,

Oh how it seduces me so,

Motioning me in upon its bottomless pit of eternal happiness.




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