My Child


My Child

If I shall have a daughter, I’ll tie a rainbow in her hair.

She’ll smile with all the radiance of a lively full moon.

My girl will dance and sing, fall madly in love.

And when that boy (or girl) breaks my baby’s heart?

Why, that’s when Momma has her arms and heart wide open.

So baby, know your Mother loves you.


And if I shall have a son, he’ll have a bat and ball in his tiny hands.

He’ll grin with mischief and a twinkle in his bright eyes.

My boy will run and jump, and undoubtedly fall.

And when my boy comes to me with scraped up knees?

Why, that’s when Momma has her healing kisses and superman band aids.

So baby, know your Mother loves you.


When they look at me with scorn and all their hatred,

I am not ashamed of the child I carry.

I believe in choice, but my decision is final.

I am but a child, but my baby knows a Mother’s love.


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