My Brother's Blood

I see blood
Blood everywhere
It's not in their veins
But on the very soil and sand we walk upon
Bleeding into oceans
Rivers run deep with the sorrows

The ear splitting wails that form on my lips
Drip with the earth shattering pain I feel deep in my chest
My brother's blood is everywhere
I can't escape his pain
My brothers from America to Asia
The Islands and back to Malaysia
My sister's blood too
But you only hear about a few

I'm drowning in their blood
Their unnecessary deaths
I can't take a breath
My lungs are full
Filling with the filth of all this hate
And as always, it leaves a bitter taste
I only believe in one race
Just simply us being humans
But why are my brothers divided
Contempt on their faces
Not even trying to hide it

With my words I hope to reach into the recesses of your minds
Bringing awareness so that one day you may find
The peace this world needs
But still your response is "cry me a river"
But that's something I'm not going to do
Not when you already have that bloody ocean view

This world is being painted red
And it has become so widespread
That you don't see our similarities
But you go straight to hating our beautifully woven varieties

My brother's blood is running out
And in it's place all that sprouts
Is hate towards the many murderers
Which has turned many souls into torturers

So I stand before you
A sister of many brothers
A spokesperson for all the mothers
Stop spilling your brothers blood
And if you don't heed my words
We will all drown in the flood
And the only thing left to bloom
Will be a spiky flower bud

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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