To My Brother

When you slipped that noose around your neck

I was at home unaware,

Unaware of the next challenge in my life

As you took a leap

I was sleeping not worried about you

Not worried about your mental state

You hung comatose

I was distracted,

Distracted by youth

They declared you missing,

I searched for you

The community searched for you

Days passed and you still hung

Day 1, Nothing.

Day 2, Nothing.

Day 3, Nothing.

Day 4, Nothing.

Day 5, Nothing.

Day 6, Nothing.

Day 7, Nothing.

Day 8,

Finally, they found you cold

Cold and alone

You hung there innocently

I was hopeless

Hopeless, for my adolescence

Where was I supposed to go?

Who was going to guide me there?

You were a guide

A friend

A role model

My brother, you were

Through your death

You taught me

You showed me pain

You showed me strength

You molded me


This poem is about: 
My family


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