My Breasts Are A Burden

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 20:06 -- Kororia

My breasts are a burden

To myself and sadly society.

My breasts are a burden

Because when I wake up in the morning they get in the way of me seeing my feet.

My breasts are a burden

To not just me, but everyone like me.

Because you see statistically I’m more prone to being sexually assaulted by just having these two lumps of meat and fat latched onto my chest (like leaches) because that’s what they are, fat, I don’t want.

My breasts are a burden

Because they aren’t connected to my male pronouns I ask everyone to use, and they just throw she and her at me, not with the intention of hurting me, but that’s what your ignorance is doing to me lately.

My breasts are a burden

As when I applied to my dream job I was turned away because ‘this is a man’s world, darling’.

I watched a women get beat up in the street; i got to her too late. She told me the man was trying to beat the masculine out of her. ‘please don’t hate me for getting to you so late’, I replied. And she replied with – ‘it’s fine, it’s not your fault my breasts are a burden’.

This poem is about: 
Our world



this slam poetry is for a drama solo performance im doing and i'd love your opinion and suggestions on it.

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