My Body


     I was only ten when I first became embarrassed about my body.

I wanted boobs so I stuffed my bra with toilet paper. And when my mom walked in

She didn’t even question what I was doing, she just left. She left because she understood

 that I was trying to create the image of boobs; something no ten year old should even care about.

What kind of society do we live in?

Where it’s okay for a ten year old to be self-conscious

For girls under 16 to want to diet

For girls and boys everywhere to be ashamed of what they look like?

Boy are called weak

Because they don’t look like the men on magazines with biceps larger than life

And girls get ridiculed

Because they don’t have boobs the size of a planets with a skinny waist and a butt to match

Kids are teased

Because their too skinny

Too fat

Too ugly

Too plain




When did that word become a bad thing?

When was it decided that if you’re average you should be ashamed?

Why should I be disgusted with how I look,

because my brown hair matches my brown eyes; and is too plain?

Why should I go exercise,

if I have rolls and bumps and curves on my body?

Why do I need “meat on my bones”,

If I’m a skinny kid?

Why am I subjected to annoying sentences about my body image daily?

as though they’re perfectly fine

and not offensive?

 “You’re going to eat all of that?”

“Are you sure you can pull off a crop top?”

“You shouldn’t wear shorts”

 “Do you know how many calories are in that?!”

Why is it okay to say these things?

As though these sayings don’t ruin the confidence that took years to build up; knocked down instantly

by the judgmental society we’re raised in

That teaches us to hate ourselves

That tells us that perfection is a goal; and that anything besides perfection is not okay

That teaches kids to be so self-conscious when their only concern

Should be being happy?

I guess what I’m trying to say is:

When did it become okay

for others to comment on my body and promote such unhealthy thinking?

When the only person who can comment on my body

the only person who’s opinion matters

And the only person who should even care about any of these things

       Is me?

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