My Beloved Siren

I was unaware of your tricks and schemes from the beginning,

but now I am more talented than Orpheus himself.

You see,

I watched you lure many girls towards you,

but they never seemed to be their type.


Why was I yours?

You reeled me in with a friendship I could never pass up like a fish on a rocky beach,

until it all became much more than that.

You showed me the songs of your affection through the form of a song;

a taunting,


breathtaking song.

I warned the girls to put their headphones in to escape the sound,

but it was always too late.

You drowned them in the waves of your abusive love and they didn’t have any choice.

They couldn’t escape.

Even though you played a game of “show and tell” with your tricks for me, 

I never thought I would fall under your spell.

The rope of protection couldn’t hold me from holding you.

My headphones aren't as strong as beeswax.

I couldn’t find the musician in me to play away your demons. 


I have learned to escape your kinds breathtaking songs and your waves of  abusive love.

I am now able to put my headphones in to tune out our past.

I am able to be held with a protection stronger than any other rope, a new lover.

I am able to play away all the hurt and pain you caused me, just like Orpheus.

Goodbye my beloved Siren, forever.


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