My Beautiful Girl

My beautiful girl, born to another
I love you dearly, just as a mother
I know I can never replace
Your God given mom, Nor will I ever try
I just want you to know, I LOVE YOU!
I will always stand by your side
When ever you need me, You just let me know
I will come running to where ever you go
Your smile and your laughter
Bring such joy to my day
Forever in my heart, is where you will stay
God has great plans for you, A wonderful life
No more sadness, hurt or unnecessary strife
I am so blessed to be here, to watch you succeed
To beam with pride, knowing you also love me
For the years to come, I pray the closer we will grow
Our hearts bonded tightly together
like only mothers and daughters know
So my beautiful girl, Born to another
No matter what, when or where 
we will always have each other.


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