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The battle is within me,
The battle field is my body.
Scars everlasting,
The pain never ending.

How can one be happy,
When they’ve been robbed of all they are.
My skin is etched with constant reminders
Of what pain and hatred really are.

People take for granted,
What others consider a blessing.
Life is what I’m missing.
And life is what I’m wanting

Stricken with anger ravaging my body,
I’m Tired of the excuses,
Something has stolen my soul,
My body,
My mind.

Does anyone hear me screaming?
Does anyone see me crying?
Can anyone see my fear?
I just want to know,
If someone out there can hear!

Time is limited,
I won’t be able to hide it much longer,
It’s taking over my skin,
The pain sinks deep within.

That night my life was stolen from me,
I was robbed of all my teenage years,
Forced to be a woman,
I can’t remember what it was like to live free,
No pain,
No sorrow,
No fear.

I’ve kept that night hidden within,
Secretly suffering alone,
Two years of secrets,
Two years of fear,
Two years of prayers,

All those years spent crying,
Tears never heard,
No one to talk to,
Not one spoken word.

The good,
The happy,
The young,
It always grasps the one's undeserving.

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