My Armor

Today I am wearing a hoodie
I hear the laughs in the background
Of my peers laughing because my clothes aren't top brand
My hoodie is a shield from your hateful words
I need help at school but when you ask for it they avoid
Because I am not in the social click
Once again my hoodie is a shield from your hateful words
I see you when you give me nasty looks
Oh is my clothes not to your standards?
So what if my clothes are from goodwill
You see this hoodie I have on I got it from goodwill
And it protects me from your laughter or whispers in the back
You think I see that look when you stare at my pimples
I'm sorry I don't fake it until I make it or cover my face with a mask
Please stop staring
Because when you don't care about the crys my heart gives out when you do
This ID I wear at school feels like a tracking device
Because when I step into the building they call a school
I might as well be wearing a jumpsuit suit
When that school bell rings for me to home I feel relieved
But then I have to go back tomorrow
You don't understand the school work? Oh then you must be stupid
They expect me to be perfect
Well I am sorry my life isn't a fit for your group
The only friend I have in this "school" is my hoodie
Because it gives me the type of support that you won't
It protects me from your hateful lies and hateful stares
So please excuse me if I don't fall for your Bullshit!

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