My Achilles’ Heel


I fell for him, fell hard, so swift and quick

As if it was an act of Aphrodite

Or being shot with Cupid’s Arrow

Again I say… I fell hard

I don’t know what it was about him that made me fall for him

His looks…. His personality…. Or the way he made me feel

Whatever it was, it made it seem like our love was so perfect

Like the gods personally made our love

You were perfect for me, not perfect, oh no, you were not perfect, but you were so perfect for me

Or so I thought

To think, all the heart break and pain had become my River Styx

Being dipped in the water once, creating my invincibility from pain

Every aspect of me, mind, body, and soul, except my heel

And you found my Achilles’ Heel

My Achilles’ Heel

My trust issues

And when I truly start to trust, I got your back for life, and will do almost anything for you

You learned about it, and you took that, and used it to my downfall

You shot your poison arrow dead in my heal

A shot that was proven fatal

And you left me there for dead

But you see, unlike Achilles… I will rise again

And now every part of me is invincible, including my heel, no especially my heel

So now no one can kill me


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