To My 8 Year Old Brother Who Calls Me Ugly

To my 8 year old brother who calls me ugly. What is beautiful to you? Let me guess Girls with long hair As long as it passes their shoulders you don't careSkinny Caramel skin As soft as silk Face with makeup and all A girl with no flaws May I tell you what is my definition of beautiful?A person with flawsSomeone who can walk on stage a receive around of applause By being themselvesBeautiful isn't race, size, height, a pretty face,or makeup but instead it is your charisma, personality, confidence, and what is in your heartSo little broNot all of us carry around a calorie chart To my 8 year old brother who calls me ugly Milk chocolate skin as rough as sandpaperBare face Extremely tall 180 pounds FlawsIs beautiful   

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