The Mute

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 23:30 -- 1001635


I have a name that keeps me blameless

still most ignore what I can bless

No one wishes to get to know me

especially my personality


My guardians had to leave me too

and most people usually do

The cursed life I have to live everyday

silences everything that I have to say


I am forced to live down and alone

until the moon is lit by the night’s glow

Then I am freed to speak the truth

no more surrounded by such ruth


Yet no one is around to listen

they only look when the sun glistens

Although the light shines their way

it leaves me with nothing left to say


Some wise old men surround my home

in order to not make me feel so alone

If only you knew what I knew

then you would be a mute too


Everyone is quick to shoo me away

ignoring the good I can say

I am mute so they can scream

I am silent so they can sin


But still no one ever stops to ask

why I hide behind this noiseproof mask

the cure to my curse is serenity

I am your conscious and you are me

This poem is about: 
Our world


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