On Mute

Sun, 06/19/2016 - 20:37 -- kptml

When words become inexplicable

And the intangible void

Begins to tear,

A silent mourning 

Comes to rest within 

The heart


Except, suddenly, this silence

Is the only noise 

That won't leave

The loneliness alone,

The only noise

That refuses to 


And the only noise

You wish to mute


This silent noise

Seems a paradoxal mixture

Of hope and

Unwavering defeat


It scratches into

Your ear a 

Desperate plead

Asking you to choose one:



Which will warm you now

And allow your spirit

To die out slowly


Or defeat,

Which will swiftly

Crush and callous

Your bones without remorse


You must decide which is better;

The agonizing torture

Of hope,

Or the merciless choke

Of defeat


The more you pray 

To ignore the choice,

The louder the

Silence becomes,

Until no other vibrations

Can breach the muffling 

Of its yell


The decision buries you

More and more

Each day,

Until one morning 

You wake to find that 

Words have become inexplicable,

The intangible void

Has begun to tear,

And a silent mourning

Now lives within the pits

Of your heart

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