Music Notes and Metaphors

Show me what you're made of, all bark and no bite

The only things he said to me when I got angry or upset

As if the five feet of me could not possibly be built from anything solid

But I am made from fire and stone

I am made of my mother's sweat and tears

Her blood as she breathed life into me

From my father's gentle songs and lullaby kisses

Added when he molded me into a fearsome questioner

Dreamer and non-believer

And a fearless speaker

Made from broken thoughts and dreams

My body is a cathedral of bone and shattered stained glass

Beautiful and deadly as it falls slowly to ruin

I am made from days left sick in body, mind, and soul

Where my only medicine was false prayer to a foreign god I could not see

I am made of things you cannot see



Nightmares that are sweet on the tongue but burn in the gut

Made of labels I did not want

Melodramatic when all I do is feel the things people tell themeselves aren't real

Anxious when all I do is worry of being left behind and losing what and who I love

Bitch when I become fearsome, fearless




I am made from the love of the boy who called me toxic

From the thoughts he put into my head that still scream at night

But I sing louder

I am made of music notes and metaphors

Late mornings

Cold coffee

Questions that come up like bubbles

And indecisive answers

Both of bark and of bite

I am made of a pendulum that swings where my heart should be

I am made of undying love

Enough for everyone I have and will ever meet

Cracked and impure

It's the best I can do for those who give me their time

I am made form other people's time

A debt to be paid in full

Of love and duct tape I used to glue myself back together

My life back together

I am made of the belief that tomorrow has to be better

Because otherwise, why are we all still alive?

I am made from pain and cynical smiles

Honest laughter and loud singing

Cracked and impure

It's the best I can do

But it's solid enough that you can't touch me

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