Music of Life

Walk by my side along this road

We’ll go over sparkling water on bridges

And underneath mountains through dark tunnels

But everywhere, it is the same – us together.


No destination set, no end in sight

Just flowing freely and pure

It doesn’t matter where or when,

We’ll light it all up the same.


Over the waters of life we rest

Bask in the sun, lay in the meadow

With you here by my side,

It is the best it can be.


Through the dark tunnels of despair,

We’ll light our match, pushing back the veil

No matter the appearance, we’ll see the truth:

It cannot extinguish our flame


This is a new chapter in our books,

The outcome, the length or strength, matter not.

The significance is in us enjoying it

Simply as it is being written


So walk with me on this endless road

Explore its slopes and curves,

Learn all there is to learn,

And play the music of life with me.


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