Music Development


Dream World

Starts with Dream Hope

Dream Hope 

Starts with Dream Job.


Asking who I "am" is not enough

Asking what I "want" isn't mypurpose 

Now, "Development" that's what I "am."

Now, "Development" that's what I "want."


Reaching these goals of development takes strides

Reaching these goals of development takes what you need to create it

What you need to create it is your story. Your life.

What I need to create is hope.


Reaching my dream of implanting the depths 

Of music 

Into the minds of underprivileged children 

Of a Third World Country

Creates Hope.


Understanding music is understanding 


Understanding Yourself is understanding 

Your Culture

Who Your 


What your traditions 


What your family and friends


What we all



And, if, and IF, I can supply this tradition 

This way of knowing into children's llives

This forever accomplishment of who these children 


Then my job is complete. 

Who I am is complete.


Dream World 

Means Dream Hope

Dream Hope

Means Dream Job


and Dream Job

Means Dream Life. 



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