Mum, Dying To Be Happy

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 05:21 -- KittyS

Sometimes a flower
Sometimes a thorn
Sometimes the gold
Sometimes the pawn
Sometimes the sunshine
Sometimes the rain
Sometimes the freedom
Sometimes the chain
Sometimes the light
Sometimes the dark
Sometimes a delight
Sometimes a nark
Sometimes jovial
Sometimes sad
Sometimes happy
Sometimes mad

The ying & yang of mental illness
Stripped you of clarity
Stripped you of wellness
But it didn't define you for all of your life
There were glimmers of hope
There were glimmers of light

You put the cork in the bottle, for that we were grateful
You lost the inebriation which made you so hateful

You were Mum again, if just for a while
That quirky sense of humour and gentle smile

It was lovely to see you so much calmer
No more shouting
No more drama
It was lovely to laugh and reminisce
It was lovely to hug you & give you a kiss
And then that final kiss.......
On your head
For that was it, your human form was dead

But your kind spirit is free!
It's as free as can be!
A shooting star for eternity

So fly high Mum
Be the flower
Be the gold
Be the sunshine
Be the freedom
Be the light
Be the delight
Be the jovial
Be the happy
Be all those things you were destined to be
And I'll see you again when it's time for me

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My family


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