I love the way you always tease,

Even though you’re mean.

I know it’s hard to love your girl

When she’s in her angst-y teens

I know I don’t do much for you

I never do my chores

And I might be nicer to you now

But we used to have our wars

Still you’ve always been so loving

In teaching me wrong from right

And while sometimes I don’t listen

I swear it’s not in spite

You lived my life before me

You teach me everyday

You help me set my standards

And tell me not to sway

I know I’m getting older now

This is my last year at home

But you’ll always be my best friend

No matter where I roam

I don’t need fame or fortune

Nor boyfriends that are dumb

I just want the one thing I love

I just want my mum.






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