Ms. Walker


Ms. Walker, why must you lecture the whole entire class for one student’s wrongdoings?

Why must you badger the whole entire class with that particular instance?

We are at school to learn, not to hear what Susie or Joey did!

Ms. Walker while you were lecturing away, we did not get our teachings today,

All because you weren’t feeling okay,

Our parents sent us to school to learn,

Ms. Walker we as the student body don’t care about how much or how less you earn,

When you picked this as your career,

You obviously made it perfectly clear,

That you were working so we as students could grow from your teachings,

So that we will not lack any ignorance,

But knowledge in our minds and wisdom,

Ms. Walker if you do not enjoy your job, why must you take your pain out on the students?

Not all of us our rotten, but everyone needs patience,

That’s what you need in order to be a teacher, patience,

You also need to take a joy out of it as well,

Because while you’re just passing out handouts we can tell,

That you are simply trying to bore us with that unlimited amount of paperwork,

That you yourself would not want to submerge from,

Ms. Walker as students we are not being taught how to think,

We are taught obedience and what to think,

To remember and repeat,

Instead of telling us what to think,

Teach us how to think,

Because in the real world you need to know how to think,

Ms. Walker you should let students question something written on paper,

For there are two sides to every story,

Two sides to every coin,

Our teachings should not be limited to one author’s perspective,

But our teachings need variety,

And in this day in age Ms. Walker,

We are aware of your nonsense and stupidity


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