Ms. Bellamy



Ms. Bellamy

Ms. Bellamy was beautiful,clever and smart

Had a lot of hobbies but teaching was her art

Was a strict teacher when it came to math

But she had ways like the Lady of Bathe

5. She was free, wild and liked them young

Danced and laughed and had a devil’s tongue

But still she was a  lady when it came to her math

Don’t forget she had tendencies like the Lady of Bathe

Her students thought she was mean and strict

10. One in particular failed the test he’d predict

Got the test back and his hypothesis was correct

He decided to get tutoring one-on -one, real direct

She said sure, for she had nothing to do

She had no husband, was no mother of two

15. He struggled and struggled as she taught

He could not get it, had no train of thought

She told him”Boy do better”

“Came back tomorrow and put on your sweater”

He came and went still without a clue

20. Trying so hard to have the information stick like glue

The boy was average, nice weight and height

Nice hair, but thing that she liked was that his teeth , they were white

Straight , all of them in his mouth shining and bright

She tried to fight her urge of LUST with all her might

25. For she was a lady in the classroom and was strict in math

But her alter ego WAS the Lady of Bathe

With her ,he study and study all night and all day


He was right , she told him he was wrong just so he could stay

30. For she was lonely and liked feeling needed

She called iit t depression others called her conceded

Lusting over him ,some thought was it just dumb

But Bellamy was free , wild and like them young ,so

He came back to class tired from his studies

35. Went straight to sleep,said nothing to his buddies

She walked in ,dreamt about him all night

So she wore makeup and a dress that was tight

“Poor Baby” “Poor Baby, “You got no sleep too”

(whispering to herself) Hope it was Because you was dreaming about me and I was dreaming about you.

40. 'He said “Ms. Bellamy I am just getting worse”

“I not made to learn math, it’s some type if curse”

She replied “DON’T SAY THAT,for it’s not true”

“My math teacher taught to me and i’ll teach it to you”

Inside she was filled with joy

45. For she found a reason to spend time with the little boy

She told him the next day “Let me tutor you”

You can come to my house and I'll make some stew

For she was a lady in the classroom and was strict in math

But at her HOUSE she was the Lady of Bathe

50. She lit candles and cook the dinner well

and sprayed some perfume, no man could resist the smell

But this was a boy, a virgin that she thirst for

Ohhh, she turned the lights down , she heard a knock on the door

The young fellow entered and was surprised

55. He saw no math work and that perfume smell burned his eyes

He smelled the stew the further he came in the house

Then Ms.Bellamy undid her blouse

When he turned around he saw her chest

She had no shame for she loved her breast

60. She felt loved when she saw the look in his eyes

She saw lust and love that made heart rise

She walked up to him slowly scared that he would back away

Afraid that he would leave , hoping he would stay

He met her in the middle of the room, right by the bed

65. He took her her in his arms and kiss her on the head

They made love, both of them left complete

He felt overjoyed , light on his feet

For he was now a man , a virgin no more

And she was his woman no longer a whore

70. She felt good then nasty and threw up with disgust

How could she be so stupid and filled with lust

She was free, wild, and liked them liked them young

But being with a 15 year old was stupid and dumb

She felt bad and prayed hoping He would forgive her sins

75. But the next day they did it again

She could not resist the urge to stop

Her self-esteem was down and her confidence had dropped

He thought what they had and what they shared was real

But now that she had him, there was no spark ,no longer a thrill

80. She was lonely and like being wanted

Now she couldn’t control her emotions, and was feeling haunted

By spirits and dreamed of water creatures

So the teacher went to see the preacher

Prayed and begged god to forgive her for her sins

85. But for the next couple of weeks they had relations had relations again

One day while they were resting in bed

Out of nowhere “I HATE YOU” is what she said

She had been getting aggravated then happy, angry then sad

Frustrated, elated, grumpy and mad

90. He did not know what was wrong

Then she ran to the bathroom, sprinting she was gone

She vomited and cried in the disarray

What was she going to tell him , what was he gonna say

She was getting bigger , it was getting harder to hide

95. She was no longer in lust and the love for him had died

She carried a child in her womb

Her life was over , she was domed

She came back, , and look at him trying to find words to say

He looked at her concerned in dismay

100. It’s hard to get the words out, it took her awhile

Then she stood with her head high and said”I’m with child”

He stared at her with love in his eyes

She looked at him angry, asking to herself ”Why was I not wise”

He tried to touch her and feel his daughter or son

105. She told him no and that this affair was done

She told him she would raise the child on her own

To never come back and to leave her alone

She call him a child himself and that he no plan

The same woman that call him a child but made love to him like a man

110. He was hurt, he was mad and went kinda crazy

She pregnant ,fat ,tired and lazy

He was shock and close his eyes hoping this was a dream

He wanted to punch something, cry, yell out and scream

She helped him up and told him to leave

115. He cried “How could you keep me away from the child I help conceive ”

He ran off to think about a way to get her back

He was addicted to her loving , a feign for crack

He couldn’t stand being under this woman’s wrath

Couldn’t eat; Couldn’t sleep and couldn’t do math

120. She use to be free , wild and use to like them young

But now she needed to think about her child , future and beyond

He was a disgrace , a distraction and a disgusting fling

Did he think this was going to end with a wedding ring

He was fifteen , fifteen, he’s a boy himself

125. He had no fame , no talent, or any wealth

He was at home, no longer a student at school

He could not face her , she made him feel like a fool

But he could not stop thinking of her, his love for her is true

(I wonder is she thinking of me, I wonder when she's due)

130. "I wonder why she hurt me and was she speaking out of anger

Am I Supposed to just sit around and act like a stranger

Act like what we had was nothing , like it wasn't real

Like this was just a stupid fling and it was only for the thrill"

He loved her , really loved her this was not a test

135. He could not take it, he stabbed himself in the chest

He killed himself for what he could not have, what he could not keep

He thought about it as he died , and died as he weeped

There he laid breathless , cold and for a second the world was still

Ms. Bellamy felt the stab in her heart, grab her stomach and got the chills

140. She lived her life, delivered her child

No longer was she free, no longer was she wild

She no longer like them young , no longer enjoyed math

When the boy died so did the Lady of Bathe

She lived a great life and she found God's glory

145. Before she died she decided to tell me this story

I guess she felt I deserved to know how my father died

She told the story as she cried "I forgive you " I replied

Now I'm here pregnant smiling with child

Decided to reminisce about my parents for awhile

150. I love them , for they made me who I am

They made me, guided me ; a Shepard to a lamb

See, because my father couldn't stand the thought of living without me

And my mother knew that it wouldn't work , when she pictured us three

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