Mr. Pessimist

How come you didn't include what I had in my mind in your essay?

You had enough time to cover thirty years of history, in thirty minutes


How come you do not have the answer?

It's obvious that Mussolini speculated Hitler after his rise to power


How come you do not raise your hand?

You should have read the packet


How come you do not participate in the discussion?

It's an easy task of discussing the effectiveness of Sergei Witte's policies 


How come you failed the quiz?

It had questions that were not on the reading, but that you should know


How come you don't answer me?



Let me ask you a question,


Who gives?


Realize who you are, and ask yourself what's wrong with you

I fail you class, and not life

You fail at life, and not Russian history


It's up to you Mr. Pessimist!



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