Moving On

I am ready to move on

I am ready to let go

I am done tormenting myself with what could’ve or should’ve been.

It’s time to let the past be what it is.

I can’t change what he did, nor control what he does, and that’s ok.

I concede it hurt, a lot.

But I am done letting it drag me, and my life, off course.



No more.

No more will I let this define me.

No more will torture my heart, over someone who has left.

The time with him – beautiful

The things I learned – a gift

How I felt towards him – precious

Loving – I need not regret.



Let Go

Move Forward


I choose to love

I choose to forgive

I choose to be gentle

I am not broken

I am not lost

I am not a wreck

I was made who I am for a purpose

I need not hide it




Rough Edges


I refuse to recreate myself for another

I am beautiful

I am whole

I am loved

I am protected

I belong

And it’s time I started living like it


I’m going to be me

Every imperfect part of me


Like I’ve never been broken, rejected, forgotten, left, or betrayed.


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