Move to Liberality!

Tue, 03/28/2017 - 20:14 -- rflvrs

Our national anthem proudly sings,
“O’er the land of the free,”

But as we look deeper to the colors of our flag,

It was never always red, white, and blue.

We’ve had the deepest colors—so morbid,

No one dares to learn the dark truth.

From the dark times of slavery,

The dominance of males,

Negligence towards women,

To the rejection towards non-heterosexuals.

We were never free.

It’s better not to think we ever was.

Up to this day, we face oppression,

Brainwashed by the media

And the promises of our government,

We don’t realize we’re getting attacked.

Whitewashed books teach about white truth, white history and white heroes,

But not the legitimate truth,

Hiding the pain and sorrow people of color faced.

The war on racism was delayed,

But the war on classism began.

An oppressive power structure

That attacks people of color and minorities,

Maintaining all means of wealth and power

To those who already have them.

And since 9/11, our country believed it’s okay---

It’s okay to attack the entire Islam faith.

It’s okay to blame all terroristic acts on them.

Since then, the war on race and religion began once again.

We can’t blame all bad things that happens to the United States of America,

To the people who try to make this a great country.

All problems of this country has been domestic.

Terrors made by angered Americans,

Not immigrants.

Let’s drop the ban---we need to reject the whitewashed truth.

A ban will not solve our problems,

But the unification of our people will.

Let’s accept one another for who we are.

That way we can make America great again

And NOT by the promises made by 45.

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