Move On

My sight is blurred by tears,

As you storm out of the house,

Slamming the door, making the house tremble with fear


I hear you and mom,

Yelling behind closed doors. I can hear you --

Cursing, Screaming, Threatening!

And in the end, mom cries.

She cries and cries like a child who lost her puppy.

Yet you show no sympathy. None, whatsoever.


Why did you leave? Why did you cheat?

You had a beatiful family!

A family that loved you and appreciated you for you...


My sight is blurred by tears,

As I learn there is no going back

No seeing you walk through the door with your crisp white buttoned down shirt and khakis

No hearing your soft snores through the night.


I must face the pain in my heart...

And let you go.

I must let the rush of mixed emotions out.

Let them drain out like dirty water; I cannot be contaminated.

I must let the rush of mixed emotions out

With tears, writing, and talking.


My life that I loved is blown away. Gone.

Now I must be strong, remake my life, and move on.


You, dad, have left from my once wonderful life.

Was it actually wonderful? It was filled with lying and deceit; so carefully hidden from me.    


Until Now.


I will miss you,



now I must





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