I am the girl 
I am the women 
who was  born with a disability 
whose been bullied, and use to contemplated  about taking  her own life .
Who always deemed herself as different
because she wasn't like everyone else

but she learned 
as she got older in types of  different environments 
to adapt to them
she wasn't best in her classes , she failed the math state test every time time she took it 
but she was blessed with a 4th and 5th grade teacher who believed in her.
That itself says leaps and bounds,
math was not her subject test from Board of Ed prove that 
and even when she left this school she worked hard to improve that .
Although she change schools again into what she was suppose too be in
which by now  she was an 8th grader
into a smaller setting it was weird because she went from a bigger private school
 to an area to location to a new school that was smaller.
Math in this school for me wasn't perfection
but I was bless with this teacher called Miss O'Brien

She believed in me  and that made me believe in myself I was this hardworking little thing in 8th grade
I remember after already doing my homework 
over lunchtime I would ask her
in the halls for more and more
and the more she gave me the more  I tried.
 9th grade same teacher different work and like I said it wasn't easy but I pushed forward.
10th grade my favorite teacher was gone  I had someone  new it felt awkward for me but 
grade wise work wise I pushed through and  my report cards reflect that.
11 and 12 th Grade I pushed more then ever could poured more then I ever could because I was the same person but different to. 

Graduation My math teacher who I had originally came back for 11th I had her both those last two years remaining.
Finally  12 th grade I was given the award from her for hard work in  math and school wise I was Hall of Fame on the wall in school by her too.

4 years after I'm still  in college taking math again but just like back then I'm older I'm wiser and I have a professor that were  unlike my other  college professors  who were never caring enough to  push me  forward like this one does

People telling  you won't succeed or pass
things but if you look at it like that is them getting in your head 
Yeah it will take me longer to get my degree in my major 
But I have learned that only you can give up not what other  people tell you.
I have failed in things  and aspects of life 
But still I stand and yes I have had to questioned myself  if its worth the fight 
But I have also learned I will be dammed if I let anyone take me out of  the game.
Out of life's game,
I will be dammed if anyone tells me I can't do it 
and I will be dammed if anyone stops me 
I'm the maker of my own dreams  
my own future 
my own but a better me 
people have said I will fail but here I stand proving them wrong
doing  it up
 in my own way and although it may not be there way 
it is still a way.
My professor words I see you,
have made progress from
when I had you until now
and if it takes me  us sticking together for the long hall
until you pass I'm fine with that 
and my reply I wouldn't have any other way
you ask me every student be  it in elementary school,
or etc needs
that one person  or teachers  and even 
professors to motivate  them and even then ones to keep then chain going  when they feel like falling 
and if we, me , anyone can get that then we can do so much more.
we can be so much more .
For everyone and those people
who are a constant in my life and helped me  
see this  along the way
this   is for you
thank you to my math teacher this semester and last semester thank you and see you soon.
Also for people who feel like this or are in this scenario I hope this somehow inspires you 

Life has taught me that  "Determination, Struggle, and Confidence is a virtue"   
Motivation you are my drug, despite the struggles and the downfalls. I
will  forever I fight on because of this motivation being instilled in me always forever more even when I crumble 


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