Sat, 06/21/2014 - 15:48 -- Rosie16

Some say memorizing the thoughts in your head

Emotion to the pencil, and the tears that you bled to the lead

Is easier than just writing a poem

Certain situations set our mindsets out of this world

I was quiet and I knew it

But only for one reason

The things stranded throughout my mind could never be said

The pain could be seen through my eyes

Looking down upon the tears on my cheeks where they lye

Hopelessly waiting to plummit down like my dreams


Ever answer was no to the things I desired, which lead to the fire lit in my eyes

Unstoppable heartbeats and breathless takes

The thrust in the step of my feet

The tune in the tone of my voice

All taken, shattered, and forbidden

To those afraid of hearing the truth

Truth being that we can be anything God ordains us to be

Faith can take us so far

Past the stars and the Moon

All the way to Mars where passion is renewed


Senses coem back in the truth is told

I'd rather have an inspiration

Than someone thinning out my patience

Because motivation is the key to success

The key to finding the best in you

Your heart, mind, and depths of your soul

Strive for excellence not perfection

Because you're perfectly imperfect in a world of misfortunes

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