The Classroom
United States

I want to see lightbulbs lite

Pencils moving

Passing notes to cease

Raised hands with glimmered eyes

From something a student has to preach

An excitement for learning

Someone who wants to be moved rather than, did you see kim and kanye on the news?

North West looks so cute, and where did you get those shoes?

Motivation is key in a classroom

But where do we find it?

How do we get it?

And what can we do with it?

Posters with meanings and teens excited

Education is not only linked but reunited

Instead of girls looking like the women from t.v., tabloids, and fashion magazines

Boys with their pants to their knees trying to be something from a rap video

Saying words they do not understand or know what it means

Give me something to live for instead of being a stereotype or someone from the movie screen

Give me a educated individual

With knowledge that leads to power and success and other needs

Give me something to live for like change within us

Change our classroom

Change the scene

And give us our motivation to succeed


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