Mother's Wrath

The sky darkened
And just when they thought mother nature would not betray them
She let loose her wail of anger
Letting it be known that she was not happy
And that there were going to be consequences for the evil produced by and given to her children
I am still a force to be reckoned with she cried
Do not portray my love as weakness
Because the same love has the power to rip your greedy mouth from the ripe fruit plucked from my bosom without so much as a thank you
The same pure love can be turned into the most tainted of evils
And they laughed
And she roared
"I have brought you into this world
And I have fed you my mother's milk
I have protected you from all the evils I could
And I have slaved to keep you safe
But dammit I will take you right back out!"
And they cowered with rebellion and hate twinkled in their eyes
and when they thought she was no longer looking
They beat her within an inch of her life saying
"We are men! You may have born us but we are men! We rule this land and you will bow to us!"
And she let them rule
And they drank her dry, poisoned her and hated her and all her children
Brother against brother
They tore their world apart
And when there was nothing left they blamed her
On their deathbed, they cursed her
And when they were no more
She cried and cried and cried
She cried until ponds became lakes and lakes, rivers
She cried until rivers became oceans and oceans drowned the world
And when there were no more tears
And only a few of her children survived
She vowed to never be so lenient again
She promised that if such hate and evil were to roam her heart in her children again
She would burn them all until there was nothing left but a giant fire
Blazing across the land until hell itself turned to ash
But heed her warning they have not
And wait is what we do
For her promise to be fulfilled
And the gift of life to be destroyed

This poem is about: 
Our world


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