how dare you!
leave her childless;

how dare, this world...
this icy world,
with sin and shame.
allow two boys to take the blame.

who sadly lost their mother,
to the fists of a drunken father!

You and I find ourselves,
trapped within;
though we never knew!
we'd be surrounded in a place filled...

with wolves and hawks multiplying like sin.
And she gave birth to men who grew,
into vultures; these creatures who constantly killed...

their hearts cry out for reality.
But she lacked to be aware,
that this life wasn't fair;
for they caused this young girl to give birth to the enemy.

But her fear were immense,
and her heartbeat intense.

though she runs, she can't hide.
attempting an act to end her life;
he was ruthless to his wife.
oh! how this girl committed suicide.

while he said her act was thoughtless.
He's the man who broke her trust;
but in her heart, her pain was endless.
when he beat her with his fist,
and her sons was both left motherless!
yet their father made them pay her cost.
It's a poem about a mother who took her life on mother's day.

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