mother at 17

Walking these halls, I realize, these kids are starring at me. 

But im not strange, I am actually very beautiful. 

Is it because im pregnant?     

Its not my fault.     

It wasnt something I wanted to happen.      

My best friend understands me, or does she?      

Its hard to do, dont think its easy.     

I hold this child for 9 mmonths.     

It went by so fast.      

He was here for only 2 months.       

Shall I go on?      

No, its too hard for me.       

Its not what I asked for.     

Its not how I planned my life.     

This ring on my left hand, why?       

Because of this child?     

Well our baby is in the hospital...    



And with out us.    

I cried for days. weeks. months.    

I found out what happened from the nurse.    

It wasnt what I asked for.        

My baby had died.   




Its all that went through my head.    

I was too young.    

Maybe thats why god took him away.   

My little child.   

But im still a child.   

I want to be loved.   

Am I?   

I hope...   



Guide that inspired this poem: 



this was dedicated to my friend who lost her baby due to sids.

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