Most Inspirational Person To ME

The most inspirational and influentional person to me is Mahatma Gandhi, even though he is gone, his spirit and his way of doing things in the past really encouraged me to always be non-violent in my way of resolving conflict. My all-time favorite quote of his is "An eye for an ey only ends up making the world blind" which means if everybody kepps fighting eachother rather than talking things out, we will get no where in life and everybody will just get hurt. Gandhi was a really peaceful man and he never supported violence once in his life, that is why he is such a good person to look up to. His legacy still lives amongst us today and many strong leaders today still look up to him. If i ever had the opprutinity to meet anyone from the past or present it would be Mahamta Gandhi and i would thank him for being such a great human being.

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