The Most Important Time in History


The most important time in history no longer is a mystery.

This is the story of a man who changed the world.


   One night, stars bright, in a stable was born life,

Into a little baby with the hope of our eyes.


   Raised poor, gave more than we could ever thank for.

His way of life is the way to go.


Jesus came to many faces,

All their problems? He erased these.

Healed the sick, raised the dead,

No blood spilled was on his head.


   Born to die, died to live.

He gave his life, my life I give.

He took my hell, I deserved the flames.

He faced the wrath, he took my grave.


   Died that day and came back in three,

I will live my life to follow thee.


   Two thousand years his love still lasts,

Compassion pure, a love so true,

The gift of mercy he gives to you.


  For me he died, for you the same.

I give my life, proclaim his name.

His death brought hope to a cold, cold world.

He’s still alive forever more.


   This is the story that changed history,

The story of a man who changed the world.







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