Most Content


I wake up every morning in this place

In this place I feel the most content

The most content I feel is in between its warmth and softness

Its warmth and softness allows me to clearly think about my past

My past and how it is connected to the future

The future connects by the attachment of sutures made from cloth called the present

The present is full of these swirling thoughts

These swirling thoughts pull me in just like a rip tide

Just like a rip tide, all I have to do is keep going with the flow

Going with the flow in this place, is what keeps me at ease


At ease is what this place eventually makes me feel

Makes me feel the stresses of life going away

Going away is such sweet sorrow but it is needed for continuation of my life

For the continuation of my life, I must cycle back to this place

This place, I love it so, because of what I do here

Here is where I do my work, have my fun, and every other thing

Every other thing happens here, yet just the same, nothing happens here at all


All of my troubles have dispersed

Dispersed out of existence and out of reach of my mind

My mind now rests, and my body under the covers

Under the covers of warmth

Warmth and softness, is why I sleep in

In my bed, where I’m most content and where I wake up


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