I write because of the open wounds I possess--the pain, the agony and all the stress.

When I was born, no one told me the world was dark and dreary, the media focused on beauty and the people weren't warm. And when I grew, I learned, I saw, I knew: I was alone in this world regardless of the friendly talk I said because no one cares unless you're pretty and no one cares unless you're dead

Insults, slurs, horrible phrases, hearts are dangerous creatures, which is why our ribs are cages.

My heart was torn, I did not even have just one friend. I felt useless; everyday, I dreaded getting out of bed.

With tears down my cheeks, I began to write, and that was when everything started to feel alright. It wasn't alright after I put the pen away but the addicting feeling of happiness writing brought did not come everyday. Novels, poems, journals, books, all becoming my safe haven when no one else even gave a second look.

Writing took me out of the pit; writing stood me on my feet; I began to get my life back and be the person I wanted to be. I wanted smiles, I wanted joy; I wanted friends; I wanted laughter; I joined the school's writing club shortly thereafter. Finally, I found a group of individuals who accepted me, were like me and did not treat me differently. The gave me joy; they gave me smiles; they did not care whether or not I was pretty which was worthwhile.

My confidence rose; I began to talk; with friends on my side, I was like a baby who was learning how to walk. If it wasn't for the paper, if it wasn't for the pen, without a doubt, I'd be underground in a coffin. Which is why I write, I don't write for money nor fame, I write because words don't treat me as if I'm invisible nor do they forget my name.

Writing gives me strength; writing made me feel high; writing held me close and wiped the tears from my eyes. Writing is my escape which is why I proclaim today that writing means a whole lot to me, more than even words can say.


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