..More than a rhyme, Less than a line.

Mon, 09/21/2015 - 19:19 -- fayleaf

I am unstable. I am fine. The dark eyed boy in Physics says I'm a dime. He is audacious to call a quarter a dime. 

My brother drinks his Corona with lime, and when I'm of legal age I think I might follow suit. I am a daughter and little sister in this pursuit. I am not lonely without a dad. I am oh-so-rad... Yeah, that's my motto in the morning.

Speaking of morning, I am in mourning. Why do they say "passed away"? Where is away? I suppose the answer varies depending on your Sunday morning routine. 

There are holes in the seams of my jeans. I don't mind, because they are clean. 

I am clean.

I am Sunshine. That's what my grandma calls me. Every morning was a new day when I was young, but now every morning is a new way to fail, slowly sliding down the ladder rungs.


I am still Sunshine.

I am Sunshine

I am a light

I will still shine.

Anxiety heaves, "I am fine, I am fine, I am fine.."

I am more than my perfect GPA. I have slipped from saying "I'm fine," to "I am okay." It feels more genuine, less of a line. 

I am more than an adjective- I am endless verbs. I am writing, I am painting, I am questioning, I am on a search for the most exquisite word. 

My heart lurched out of my chest when I heard the news. He's gone, passed away, and now my childhood memories are faded like these denim jeans, tears and holes in hues of blues. 

I am the teacher in Charlie Brown. No one ever listens to my monologue. 

That's spectacular though, I'm a glitch in the matrix and a cog in the machine. 

I am an idea, a philosophy. Faith is my name, and I am a walking atrocity.


(Just ask your English teacher. She'll love every letter, but persuade you to stray away from such a messy compilation of ideas.. "There are more concise ways to say what you need to say, okay? After all, this won't help you on standardized test day.") No, not okay. 


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