More Than A Click


What have we become today?

When our ancestors handled activism,

or when the pastors preached

they did more than spoke.

They strove to bring peace, 

and changed the world through action, 

not just announcement.


Today, we let social media

handle the alleged action.

Instead of pickets and pledges,

we "like" and text.

Instead of strife and sweat,

we hashtag and post.


What has become of us?

Has the abundance of information

destroyed our ability to reason?

Have we forgotten King and Ghandi's

painful struggle to achieve the utopia

they so fought for several decades ago?


We may have our Facebook,

and we most certainly have our Instagram,

but what we most certainly need,

is to take action and announcement

in tandem.

for it takes More Than A Click

to overthrow a warlord

or to bring brack those schoolgirls.



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