Save me from the surroundings, which are crawling upon me

Don’t turn around and walk away when I’m falling on the ground

Screams get louder and louder busting my eardrums from the inside

Past memories visions start to make their way towards me

Feeling like monsters trembling my skin from the outside

Getting so close to my mind, tears rolling down my eyes

Once again they have won and negativity is all around me now

Please save me from the monsters inside my head

I’m begging you to stay with my knees on the ground, tears on my eyes

The shaking in my hands and the goose bumps in my arms


You held my hand so tight for a split second to say goodbye now

And I fall to a deep trance surrounded by complete darkness

Unable to see my worst nightmares, but I can feel them hurting deeper bee stings

Bullet holes and the past cuts upon my thighs, which are scars now

I’m alone now with some thoughts and my relief beside me

Please save me form the monsters inside my head


The voices in my head are getting louder

Testing my sanity, but knowing my extreme limits

And I feel lost now relief is one cut away, but so is recovery

Please save me from the monsters inside my head

Every where I turn silence feels the room

Except once again in my head, those voices are shouting louder then screams

And one after the other is stabbing through my skin


I turn to my recovery and glace at it like my only salvation from this nightmare

But I can’t touch it; at least that is what I’m saying to myself now

In half a second those thoughts grabbed a hold of me and laughed

Because they knew I would go back to my old ways

But nor you or anyone else, Can save me from the monsters inside my head


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