The Monster Under My Bed

I came downstairs crying one night

When I was a little girl

Because I was scared

That someone I love would die,

Would get sick and die,

Because death takes without warning 

And offers nothing back.


My mother held me

And I wanted her to promise me

That no one in our family would get sick and die

Before they had their life filled up

With enough time

So I can show them I love them

And they can love me back.


My mother looked sad

And she told me she couldn’t promise that

But she held me,

My mother held me,

And told me not to worry

Because I have no control. 

I have no control and

All we can do is love right now.


So I tried to love right now

But my worst fear pestered,

It burned and festered

Glowing yellow eyes keeping me awake.


And one day my worst fear came true.

She died.

And once you know that the worst can happen

Tha the worst will happen

You don’t know how to love without fear

Because monsters are real


And they will find you under the covers

And they will kill.


This poem is about: 
My family


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