Their words a bullet

their mouth a gun

I am a victim like many people under the sun

there judgemental thoughts penetrate my soul

with every word they dig a deeper hole

there sentences all the same

like my feelings are an overplayed game

wake up see the light

stop hating on everything in sight

you have a great home

two parents you’re not alone

with every question I answer the same

just alter a little to gain a better aim  

I pull the bow back, aim for the heart

I always miss, I mean I was doomed from the start

I don’t control my brain

even I think i’m insane

the monsters that sleep under your bed

they are the ceo’s of my lost brain instead

they don't let me focus at the task at hand

They make sure my thoughts are louder than a marching band

I didn’t ask or pray for this body or mind

but that's what makes me one of a kind

I observe what you overlook

and i understand weird things like the back of a book

Theres one thing  that's certain, they make  sure never to be overlooked.

-Red Ink


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i really love this poem it really moved me!

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