The Monster

I hear it stumble in the door 


a drink splills into the hardwood as 

glass shatters 

my body flinches in shock

shoulders quickly rise 


pungent smell

musty with a little spice

i cough a little but ever so quiet 

for the bitter taste and sent in the atmosphere 


its chains clash into the the kitchen table

I inch closer to my door

following the single ray of light from the outside of my hallway


I glare at the door accross my bedroom floor 

behind it holds the enemy of all my nightmares 

that have been haunting me for months 


The floorboards creak as a pair of big feet

stomp across the living room 

the house shakes with every step


I know what happens next.....

it happens everytime

but my racing heart never seems to cross the finish line


Footsteps come to a hault and it lets our an agressing scream

I close my eyes

squeeze them tighter and tighter 

clench my fists digging my nails into my palms 


the scent still lingers

my room is foggy

I lean against the back of of my wall sitting up on my bed

I pull my legs 

hugging my legs togeter


forcesul smack she whimpers in pain

tears stream down like stormy rain 

the beast slams the door


it falls against the walls 

I feel my body jolt with fear

I must gain some courage


I stand up and walk slowly toward my door

all muscles clenched tightly

tip toeing to the end of my journey

my hand grasps the cool metal surface 

of the handle 


I yank slightly 

avoiding the loud screech it usually makes 

I peer through the crack to finally behold the enemy of my 


of these sleepless nights of immense fear

Its shadow inches closer

closer into my sight






This poem is about: 
Our world


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