Dear Mama,

What makes a monster a monster?

Is it the piercing horns that protrude from each side of its head?

Or the fierce teeth that growl to deliver freight?

Maybe the height as tall as a seven foot spread?

Well how about the grotesque breath coming from inside?


While all of those are clever ideas,

I truly think it’s an internal thought

A sinister passion for evil

Total disregard for humanity

Tingling chills that make the hair on your neck stand straight

Twisted feelings that make your stomach turn upside down


Fear instilled children

Guilt ridden adults

Running from the big bad

The stories you find in books


Terror running through veins

Worry seeping through skin

The coat of armor you thought you had

Is no match for him


Because in reality,

There's no monster living under your bed

But there's one living down the street

There's no monster in your closet

But there’s one lurking under fallen leaves


Monsters hide in plain sight,

For the whole wide world to see

It’s not a fairy tale gone wrong

It’s a typical Wednesday eve


This poem is about: 
Our world


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